ACTION REPLAY 20KG An excellent mixture to use when renovating winter sports pitches. Action replay will establish very quickly producing a dense, hardwearing sward for all heavy-duty sports areas.
40% ESSENCE (Perenial Ryegrass) 20% PONDEROSA (Perenial Ryegrass) 40% DOREMI (Perenial Ryegrass)

Fast germination
Hard wearing
Good disease resitance
Excellent renovation mixture for football and rugby pitches
Racecourses and Gallops
All seed is treated with HEADSTART (registered Tradename) seed coating.

Headstart offers –

Seaweed extract with high Cytokinin content
Faster Germaination speed
Up to 20% more grass seed plants
Seed plants develop faster and stronger
Increased root establishment
Increased sward density

Action Replay Grass Seed (20Kg)