Woodfields Border Blend is as is suggests, perfect for beds and borders.

It’s a fantastic blend of Norfolk Topsoil and peat free compost.


Woodfields Norfolk Topsoil is 100% Natural, and only sourced from the best locations, it’s also screened to 10mm to remove any larger stones or pebbles in the soil.


Woodfields multi purpose Peat-free compost is a really easy product to use, making this a bit of a gardeners dream!


This product helps lock in moisture, reduces the needs for any harsh chemicals, promotes plant growth and improves the overall quality of your soil.


This product is screened to 10mm to remove any stones or pebbles in the soil


Sizes: 800kg (approx) bulk bag (note: this is the same volume as 1 tonne of soil, the compost lightens the product); 400kg (approx) small bulk bag (same volume as 500kg of soil), or easy-to-handle bags (approx 25kg).

Border Blend Topsoil

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