Our premium spruce, pine and mixed conifer bark chippings give a professional dark finish to beds and borders. Chipped to one inch and screened to remove fine particles.This ornamental bark mulch is designed to perform well. It has excellent weed suppression and water retention properties whilst remaining decorative for many seasons (up to 3 years).It has also has fire resistant characteristics making it very suitable for commercial schemes as a landscaping mulch as well as a decorative garden bark.Tested in accordance with BS4790:1987

Contract Ornamental Bark

  • Benefits

    • Ornamental appearance
    • Long lasting (up to 3 years)
    • Very consistent product year round
    • Excellent weed suppression
    • Retains moisture well
    • FSC Approved
    • Versatile
    • Provides a hostile living environment for pests
    • Improved soil
    • Easy to store, install and apply.
    • Free from pathogens, pests and weed seeds.