The highest quality smaller pine play area bark chippings provides a long lasting, extremely ornamental finish to any high profile project.

1% white wood and no fine content ensure this product looks outstanding and lasts well.

It can be used effectively as a garden bark on ornamental planting schemes, as a play area bark or as ground cover inside or outside whenever a high visual impact is paramount.

Like the Pine Play Area Bark, this product is certified to meet the impact absorption recommendations as set out in the British Standards requirements BS EN 1177:2008.

The reduced white wood content and lack of fines, allow this product better drainage, longevity and increase its visual appearance over the standard Pine Play barks.

Delux Pine Play Bark

  • Benefits:

    • Attractive and Decorative Bark
    • Great Mulch / Weed suppressant
    • Retains soil moisture
    • Protects plant and vegetable roots
    • FSC Certified Material
    • BS EN 4790:1987 Fire Tested
    • BS EN 1177 Play Certificate
    • Doesn’t stain clothes
    • Frost resistant
    • Pleasant aroma
    • Reddish brown colour


    • Pine Bark
    • Less than 1% white wood
    • Minimal Dust and Fines

    Suggested depth for commercial play areas is 300mm, for domestic usage 150mm is recommended.