King British 6 in 1 Water Test Strips
Any avid pond or aquarium keeper knows, the quality of water the fish lives in is one of the most crucial factors affecting the health of fish.
Regular testing of the water is vitally importnant for maintaining a well balanced eco system.
Using the King British 6 in 1 Water Test Strips you can easily monitor the levels of levels of Ammonia, Nitrate, Carbonate Hardness, Nitrite, pH and General hardness.
If a problem is identified, you can ask quick to sort the problem before it effects the health of your fish.
Simple to use dip strips. Dip into the aquarium or Pond water and the water will soak into the small pads on the test strip. The compare these to the chart guide supplied in the pack.

Quick and Easy to use Dip Tests
Up to 150 Tests per box
For use in Aquarium and Pond Waters
Test the water quality
Handy comparison chart included

King British 6-in-1 Test Strips