Peat Based Compost for Potting, Seeding and Cutting

Our Horticulture's multipurpose compost is a tried and tested compost suitable for all manner of applications in the garden. With a formula designed to aid root development and foster growth in young plants, this peat compost is perfect for seeding, cutting or potting.

Made from material taken from ethically sourced peat bogs and enriched with a specially-chosen fertiliser, this multipurpose compost is fully balanced and always reliable. As with all of our compost products, it is also fully sterilised before packing to ensure that no pests or weeds are transplanted to your garden.

Multipurpose Compost: The Benefits

Suitable for a range of gardening projects
Rich in organic matter
Enriched with fertiliser
Retains moisture and allows free drainage, preventing flooding and pooling
Promotes healthy root growth
Ideal for young plants
Ethically sourced and environmentally friendly
Product Composition


Multipurpose Compost

  • Analysis
    pH Level 6 - 6.5