Safe, Easy-to-Maintain Pine Bark Chippings

Used by families, councils and commercial play areas across England and Wales, Our pine play bark provides an attractive, easy-to-maintain and above all safe play area that guarantees a soft landing for your little ones.

As decorative as it is safe, our pine play bark lasts far longer than other barks and mulches, thanks to its clean, easy-to-drain and frost resistant properties. In fact, with annual raking, this bark will retain its colour and integrity for years to come!

We currently supply bulk loads of pine play bark to 15 councils throughout the UK. To see why, take a look at the benefits of this superb play surface.

Pine Play Bark


    • Decorative bark is an attractive alternative to synthetic play surfaces
    • Pine bark suppresses weed growth, reducing play area maintenance needs
    • Retains soil moisture and protects plant roots – helping your plants stay healthy while your children stay safe
    • Granular bark is proven to cushion impacts and reduce injury
    • Self-levelling, providing a safe surface even as the bark is disrupted during play
    • 100% organic, providing a pleasant aroma and colour
    • Pine play bark is proven not to stain clothes
    • Suitable for domestic and commercial use

    Product Accreditation

    • FSC Certified Source
    • BS EN 4790: 1987 Fire Tested
    • BS EN 1177 Play Certificate

    Product Composition

    • Pine bark
    • Less than 5% white wood
    • Minimal dust and fines – one of the cleanest surfaces around

    For the best possible safety benefits, we recommend that commercial play areas have pine play bark to a depth of 300mm. For domestic use, the depth can be reduced to 150mm without compromising your children's safety. Please see the tested critical fall heights in the Specifictation section to determine your minimum depth requirements.

  • BSEN Certified Critical Fall Heights
    100MM Depth 1.5m
    200MM Depth 4.3m
    300MM Depth 5.0m
    BS EN 1177 Compliance Yes
    BS EN 4790 Compliance Yes
    FSC Regulated Yes
    pH Level 4.5 - 5.5
    Bagged Yes
    Loose Yes
    Technical Information
    British Sourced Yes
    Bulk Density 210 - 270 kg/m3
    Durability 4-6 Years
    Dust & Fines Minimal
    Main Constituent Pine
    Particle Size 18 - 35mm
    Settlement Factor 15%
    Wood Content < 5 %