Premium Beds and Borders topsoil is packed with organics and all the essential nutrients necessary for excellent plant growth in your flower beds and borders.

Carefully blended proportions of natural sand, silt, clay, essential minerals and high quality organic composts have been blended to create a rich and fertile growing media for your plants.

Due to its special horticultural properties this soil retains water well and slowly releases natural nutrients. Its sandy loam texture and low stone content allow it excellent drainage properties.

Our Premium Topsoil is friable and easy to use; making it an excellent choice for keen gardeners and professionals alike.


  • Added compost improving organic matter and essential nutrients
  • Fertile
  • Consistent
  • Friable
  • Safe from contaminations
  • Free draining
  • Water retaining
  • Well balanced

Premium Beds and Borders 20mm (1000L) 850Kg