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Well-Rotted Horse Manure - nutrient rich well-rotted horse manure compost is a traditional alternative for those looking to avoid the use of chemical fertilisers. Made from horse manure, this compost is suitable for nearly any use.Our horse manure is produced from composted shavings based stable litter. Our composting methods ensure that it is free of pests and pathogens, and does not have a particularly strong odour.


Horse manure compost contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals crucial to plant growth, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it ideal for use as a soil conditioner, surface mulch and an aid to planting for any keen amateur or professional gardeners


Horse Manure Compost: The Benefits

Increases the level of rich organic material in your soilIncreases the level of nutrients in your soilPerfect for mulching rosesContains no pests or pathogensReduced odourFor general use, we recommend spreading a 50mm layer of horse manure over the area to be treated, before forking or rotavating it into the soil.Horse compost is available in bulk bags, and pallets of individual 40 litre bags. Loose loads are also available on larger orders 

.A bulk bag of horse manure will be sufficient to treat an area of 18 square meters at a depth of 50mm. A pallet of 60x40 litre bags will treat an area of 48 square meters.

Read more on How our Horse Manure is produced.​Please Note: This product is not ideal or recommended for potting or seeding. Results may vary. We would recommend Multipurpose Compost or John Innes for these applications.When loose tipped bulk loads are ordered, the product maybe sourced from various sites depending on geography and may or may not match the analysis and description above. Full analysis available upon request.


My Uncle Bill always said the best time to start digging in manure is as soon as the last of your vegetables are out, giving maximum time to breakdown and cool down over the winter. This way your vegetable plots will be perfect for planting come spring time.

A mix of well rotted horse manure,finely chopped rape straw and compost rotted for two years, this is full of goodness and can be easily dug into your beds.

“Its a lovely product, our best so far which flows out of the bag and easily works in to the garden.” Arthur Woodfield.

Well Rotted Horse Manure

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  • Digging the soil is essential for good plant growth. If the soil condition is poor organic matter can be added at the same time as digging.

    The best time to dig is from October through to December , when the soil is free of frost and can be left to overwinter,but ground that is lacking in fertility manure can be dug in any time. From mid-winter until early spring, the ground is frequently wet or frozen and difficult to work with. Heavy soil must never be dug when it’s wet as this can damage the soil structure and lead to poor aeration and drainage


    For gardens that just need an injection of fertility over a complete restructuring from top to bottom, it’s more than enough to add a thick layer of compost/manure on top of your existing soil.

    The recommended amount varies, but a couple of inches should be more than enough. You can always top up the amount of manure in subsequent weeks. Monitor performance and alter accordingly – the key is to get to know your garden and giving it what it needs. knowing when and how much’ will only come with time and experience.