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Puddling Clay 15kg bag delivered


Easy to handle 15kg bags.


Tested for permeability, our puddling clay has one of the highest specifications in the country at a permeabiltity value of 10-11 which is why many companies and individuals won't use anything else. Perfect for lining ponds, waterways and flood defences but also fabulous for making pizza ovens!


This is a very high quality product and not "blue clay". It is regularly used by British Waterways to line and repair their canals/waterways.


Please note that due to the nature of this product and the high water content all weights are approximate.


Our puddling clay is fully delivered to your door , in handy bags.

Puddling Clay 15kg Bags Delivered

£60.00 Regular Price
£50.00Sale Price
  • Woodfields Puddling Clay is from a local source and is used by British Waterways for lining canals. It comes hydrated and ready to use. The puddling clay is like putty which can be applied manually or mechanically.


    We recommend a depth of 200 – 300mm depending on the size of the pool you are forming of puddling clay to form a impermeable barrier to keep your water in the pool.


    In years gone by ponds have been formed using sheep fenced on the the area using the action of the sheeps feet tredging round and round which has puddled the clay in to position. Nowadays large rolling machines are used but the rollers are still called sheeps feet.





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