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Failed to install British Summer!!

So yet again we find ourselves with all four seasons in a day!! , The weather just can’t seem to make up its mind at the moment.

It started quite well in June with some lovely hot days in Derbyshire, but since then it’s been anybody’s guess as to what the weather will be doing.

This doesn’t really help out the keen gardeners amongst us , as planning and executing jobs has been a real hassle.

I always remember hot summers as a child and cold winters, yet we are more likely these days to have cold summers and a mild Christmas!!!

The weather pattern for the UK it would seem has no pattern currently...

I remember playing outside for hours and hours as a child, always beaming with sun; long days spent playing in the fields and even longer nights playing games in the cul-de-sac.

Christmas was always cold and i remember alot of snow, although i bet i just remember the good ones!!

As we move into September there has been a tendency for it to be hotter and a touch of the "Indian Summer" about it , but I’ve got a funny feeling were heading for more of the same , more rain , more uncertain days ahead....we can but hope !

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