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Lock-down and Your Garden

Lock-down and Your Garden

As there are a lot of people social distancing at the moment, and working from home etc., it would appear a great time to get out in the garden and get some fresh air.

Even if you only have a small space outdoors, the ability to get outside when most of us are spending the majority of our time cooped up indoors should never be underestimated. Being outside in general is great for your mental as well as physical health, there is definitely a connection between the "great outdoors" and your general well-being.

You don't have to have your garden landscaped to within an inch of its life, some people much prefer a rustic space where the formality of the home maybe, can be tossed aside and a more free flowing "casual" approach can be adopted, It's your space, so feel free to make it so.

Spending time outdoors is considered by "MIND" the mental health charity as "vital" to us as humans, it's not just the social side of life people are missing, but the walks in the parks, boating on a beautiful lake, or rambling in the countryside. Being locked indoors is hard for people to get their head around, so the ability to be able to go into the garden without breaking social distancing advice plays such a huge part in our lives.

Everyone's garden is very different and as such reflects us a human beings, all individual and different from one another, but they all play the same important role in our lives, so get out into the garden this weekend and try to forget about the craziest situation we will ever find ourselves in !!!!

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