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Puddling Clay

Puddling clay is the hidden gem in your gardening / landscaping project , never seen on the surface; but working hard out of site to do its job too the best of its ability.

Not all clay is the same so don't be fooled into thinking inferior products are exactly the same as the clay we sell.

Our clay is tested in the Lab to ensure its the highest quality , 10/11 spec to be exact , meaning its almost impossible for water to penetrate. This is why its such a good product to use.

We have been selling the product now for almost 10 years and its one of our best selling lines , We decided to start to sell 25Kg bags due to very high demand , Not every project needs 100 Tonnes and small repairs etc certainly don't need a whole Tonne bag of clay !! So if you only need a small amount for a repair job then were your guys!

Clay itself is not the most expensive product in the world in its raw form , but transporting it around the country is ! so if you are near DE6 we welcome people picking it up from us to save on postage costs.

Puddling clay is a natural material so before the invention of fibreglass and concrete it was the only choice , If British Waterways built their canal system on the product , i would be confident in saying it 100% works .

We still supply British Waterways as well as Key Gardens and other major sites throughout the UK.

We can supply as small an amount as you want ( Kg) , or as large ( usually delivered loose on a tipper lorry)

If your in the market for clay , we are THE people to speak too! !!!

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